Saturday Video Roundup

Here’s some video picks from YouTube, starting with a great commentary from the great Maha Rushdie about the Republicans and what they need to do after November.

So, Wyclef Jean wants to be President…of Haiti? Some think he can win it. At least Bill was smart enough not to comment about it. Unlike some other “President” who shall remain nameless.

Japan creates bald, creepy, and legless phone. Watch at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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What is wrong with Chrissy Matthews?

This is the first entry on the new blog.  And as you can tell by the title, I’m not going to hold back on anyone or anything.  I am getting very sick of pundits who think they know why we oppose Barry.  And it sure ain’t race. 

Chrissy Matthews, are you listening?  Let me spell this out for you.  We…don’t…like…Barry…because…we… oppose…his…Marxist… socialist… communist…policies.  While I cannot and will not try to speak for the rest of the conservatives, I fully support people of all races.  What I don’t support is anyone who, through their ideas and actions that go against the country and what it stands for.  Period.  End of story.  Do not put words in my mouth on the issue.

As to the whole birth question, it does not matter where he was born.  Let me repeat that.  It does not matter where Barry was born.  Because his father was never an American citizen, Barry failed the natural born clause of the Constitution.  You read that right.  Barry has no right to be where he currently is.  Where he should be is in a federal prison for illegally usurping power and treason.  And by the way, since Nancy Pelosi’s name appeared on a notarized document stating that Barry was eligible to be President, she should also be arrested for aiding and abetting Barry’s criminal activities.

Does that answer you question, Chrissy?

Yes, I pull no punches here.  I am sick and tired of the bias and softball questions.  I’m just going to give it to you straight.  Enough is enough.

You can view the video with Chrissy and about to be former Representative Bob Inglis (SC) via video from our friends at NewsBusters.

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